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Service & Repair

Service & Repair Your Boats
At the core of our offerings at Mahna Mahna are service and repair. We urge you to entrust us with your faulty boats, and in no time, we will repair them and have them working efficiently for your enjoyment. We have been in business for a sizable number of years, and we have garnered so much experience when it comes to our repair services in the marine industry. We have a team of licensed professionals who are skilled and certified in the repair of engines. As such, we are more than capable of helping get your boat in good shape, all at an affordable and reasonable price. We at Mahna Mahna understand how extremely important it is for you to protect your investment. We know vessels are quite valuable, and we would stop at nothing to help you maintain it and make sure you do not suffer a loss. Additionally, we keep a long supply of different parts to exclude any cost incurred in shipping and delay in vessel repairs. We have the best and most conducive faculties that would be well suited for boat repairs and servicing. And over time, we have continued to maintain a responsible and efficient environment for our work. At Mahna Mahna, our maintenance and repair services are quite extensive and all-encompassing. We want you to sit back and relax while we do all the work to restore your vessel to its former glory. In line with this, some services we provide include the following;

Shrinkwrapping and Winterizing

This comes into play when you want to store up your boat in the winter seasons. We have a team of professional shrink wrappers on the ground to execute the task.

Overall Maintenance

This has to do with the absolute maintenance of the vessel, right from changing the oil, checking the engine for wear and tear, to painting the vessel to ensure it maintains a beautiful outlook.

Repair of Fibreglass

Our services also cover the repair of fibreglass.


We help store up your boat and keep them in the best condition possible during the summer.

Absolute Restorations

Once a part of the vessel breaks down, we would help fix it completely to make sure it goes back to its smooth and efficient running. For instance, it could be the breakdown of the engine or total wear of the vessel part.

Total Engine Rebuild

This is definitely in line with our service of providing absolute restorations. We will build the engine right from scratch if need be.

Inboard and Outboard Repair

Our maintenance service also extends to repair and tune-up the inboard and outboard of the vessel. This covers changing the colour, repairing the deck, redecorating the interiors, etc.

Exterior Maintenance

Asides from prepping up the looks of the vessel, we also cover maintenance of the outer part of the vessel and detailing. You should note that the cost of these services largely depends on certain factors such as the repairs required and the size of the vessel in question.