Insuring Your Boat
No one needs to tell you that your boats are an investment you can’t afford to lose. In case you doubt this, you only need to consider the cost of the boat from the initial purchase to the maintenance of the boat. So, you want to take steps that ensure that your investment is protected. While proper storage and regular maintenance is a great way to protect your boat, it might be insufficient. In various cases, this is because there is a wide range of occurrence that can damage your boats. These occurrences, generally unwanted are sometimes unavoidable. For instance, it might be difficult to prevent an accident or a fire outbreak that’s in no way your fault. However, regardless of these unfair circumstances, you can still protect yourself from the outcome of these events. This is where insurance comes in. This is a financial package that allows you to receive compensation in the event of such damage to your boat. This way, you don’t experience a total loss. At Manha Manha, we encourage you to take advantage of this option. It will ensure that your custom boat isn’t left unprotected and at the mercy of unwanted negative circumstances. We do not offer boat insurance. However, we have a considerable number of third-party partners that offer insurance cover. You can contact any of them to get started.

Types Of Boat Insurance

For your boat insurance, you can get two types to serve your needs.

1. Agreed Value

This refers to the type of insurance that will only offer coverage based on the agreed value at the period of issuing the insurance, and not the current value when the accident might have happened.

2. Actual Cash Value

This refers to the type of scheme that covers the actual value as of the time of the incident. This second package is safer because it offers more secure coverage that will save you from expenses. If the value has risen, this package will cover it regardless.

What Boats Can You Cover

You can cover a wide range of boats under an insurance cover. The available options for you include:

What Gets Insured

When you go for an insurance cover with our partners, you get the following covered.

So, you can click here to get started and discuss with our partner your needs.

The Scope of the Insurance Cover

When you opt for an insurance cover, you receive protection from a wide range of occurrences. These occurrences cut across the following:

Beyond this, you can also add other options that you want to cover. They include: