Custom Trailers

Our Custom Trailers
Are you thinking of the type of trailer you require to execute a project? Or perhaps, you are encountering difficulties finding yourself a trailer that suits your preference? As experts in custom trailer manufacturing, we at Mahna Mahna help proffer a solution to these issues and provide you with a custom trailer that matches your preference. So whether or not you need the trailer for recreational or commercial uses, we make sure to give you a high-quality custom-built trailer that perfectly matches what you need it for. Mahna Mahna is a company focused on trailer building apart from boat building. We are very reliable in the production of trailers. And our services border on us constructing, designing, and fabricating customised structures trailers for vessels such as boats and trucks. We are more than glad to help construct and design these trailers to suit your preference. Over 20 years since we have been in business, we have consistently put out superior and reliable products’ standards. We are more than able to offer our clients a custom trailer that is suitable and long-lasting enough for many years. During every stage of construction, design, and customisation, we will make sure that we do not compromise on quality, we do not lower the standards, and we will not ignore not even the littlest detail. Examples of the various kinds of custom trailers we have unavailable include the following;

Equipment Trailers

As implied by the name, equipment trailers typically move heavy-duty equipment. They come with an attached dried-up ramp, which allows for your ease to offload or load equipment. These equipment trailers are available for sale in both single and tandem axle configurations.

Car Haulier

These are custom trailers that can be affixed to either cars or buses, tractors, and other vehicles. It is also referred to as Utility trailers because you can use them to move several items with an average of 12,000 GVWR. They are very useful for moving vehicles that cannot move on their own, vehicles such as boats, cars, buses, trucks, etc. For the car haulier, you also can pick either single or tandem axle configurations.

Deck Over Trailers

These particular custom trailers are perfect for either recreational and commercial use. It has a gross vehicle weight average ratings, which ranges from 10,000 to 21,000. And you can choose various options for this depending on the weight of the item you want to move. For this customer trailer, you get to choose between the single, tandem, or triple-axle configuration to determine the number of wheelsets the trailer has. And if you need help with the type of configuration to pick, we can help you choose. Some of the key features of our custom trailers include the following;


We use durable and superior materials for construction, which is why our trailers are long-lasting. You get to use them for a very long time

Quality designs:

We design the trailers based on specifications, and we do not compromise on them to make sure we give you the best.