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Who Are We?
Mahna Mahna is a highly experienced and passionate company with a vested interest in boatbuilding and trailer building. We are experts in the construction, building, and design of boats, custom vessels, and trailers for commercial or recreational uses. At Mahna Mahna, we like to take on marine building projects. So whether it’s a fishing boat or trailer or any other custom vessel, feel free to hit us up. We would be more than glad to collaborate with you and make your project a reality. At Mahna Mahna, we construct high-quality boats for almost any purpose. We make sure to use quality and superior materials that will create a long-lasting custom vessel for you and serve the purpose for which it was created. We have been in business for over 20 years, and we have garnered substantial experience that makes our work excellent and our brand stand out from all competitors. We design every vessel according to the desired specification of our clients. Our team of professionals makes this job quite easy. We have on board architects and artisans that are the best at what they do, such that they churn out results of the highest standard as time goes on. Mahna Mahna is not just a team of builders; we are very passionate about vessels and marine life. This is why we are the best at what we do. With over 20 years in business, we have consistently increased the bar we set for ourselves. This is because we pride ourselves on delivering qualitative and top-notch services to our clients. Also, our ability to construct custom vessels in unique ways and for different purposes sets us apart. We are located in the heart of Australia. However, we can work with you and for you, regardless of your location. All our boats are made with quality aluminium and are constructed here in Australia. Feel free to visit our construction site and experience how we construct vessels for you. We have a close-knit partnership and collaboration with the Australian Maritime Safety- Authority – AMSA and so many other foremost and top architects that specialise in naval affairs. In ordering and delivering our products, we have a wide range of available options for you to pick from. We set up standard specifications and layouts which are on the ground for you to choose from. Or, you could choose to have your vessel, including the cockpit layout and cabin, customised according to your taste. Mahna Mahna also deals with the supply of additions such as rocket launchers, live bait tanks, and many more additions to help customise your boat the way you want. We take pride in our superior results and craft. You can be rest assured that once we build a vessel for you, it’s not only going to last for a very long time but also perform up to expectation. This way, you’d feel safe and confident that you have durable boats.