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We Are Expert Boat Builders in Brisbane

Mahna Mahna is a highly experienced and passionate company with a vested interest in boatbuilding and trailer building. We are experts in the construction, building, and design of boats, custom vessels, and trailers for commercial or recreational uses. At Mahna Mahna, we like to take on marine building projects. So whether it’s a fishing boat or trailer or any other custom vessel, feel free to hit us up. We would be more than glad to collaborate with you and make your project a reality.

Our Boat Offerings

Son and father with fishing rod on a boat

Fishing Boats

We are expert fishing boat builders with years of experience. This experience and expertise come to light in every project that we undertake. We go the extra mile to ensure that we bring you to your dream boat.

Commercial Boats

There is a wide range of people that build boats for commercial purposes. This is where commercial boats come in. However, you'll also want to get the best commercial boat to realise your goal. This is where we come in at Manha Manha. We are industry-leading boat builders with a demonstrated history of success.

Aerial view of red fishing boat on a deep blue sea in Greece.
Canoe with Fishing Gear Heading Out on Minnesota Lake

Aluminium Boats

One of the most popular categories that we attend to is the aluminium category. In turn, over the last couple of years, we have attended to a wide range of request for aluminium boats. We can now claim to offer one of the highest quality aluminium boats. The consistent opportunity to develop aluminium boats have seen us become industry leaders in that area.

Cabin Boats

When you're getting a cabin boat, you don't want to take any risk. You want to opt for the best possible design and option in the industry. Well, that's where an expert boat builder comes in. This is where we come in Manha Manha. We are an industry-leading expert when it comes to the production of cabin boats.

Bed in cruise ship cabin. Halong Bay, Vietnam
Catamaran at the island of Praslin, Seychelles


Over the years, we have consistently delivered the best custom catamarans to various clients all over Australia. So, are you looking to join us in this experience, we welcome you to do so today. Even more, we have a wealth of expertise that we can bring to the table when it comes to the production of your custom catamaran boat.

Our Service Offerings

Custom Trailers

Are you thinking of the type of trailer you require to execute a project? Or perhaps, you are encountering difficulties finding yourself a trailer that suits your preference? As experts in custom trailer manufacturing, we at Mahna Mahna help proffer a solution to these issues and provide you with a custom trailer that matches your preference.

Service & Repair

At the core of our offerings at Mahna Mahna are service and repair. We urge you to entrust us with your faulty boats, and in no time, we will repair them and have them working efficiently for your enjoyment. We have been in business for a sizable number of years, and we have garnered so much experience when it comes to our repair services in the marine industry.