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Our Schionning Wilderness 1230 bi-rig catamaran

Link to latest update 14/03/11 BUILDING LOGS

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Jo and I (Paul) have decided that we want to spend a long time travelling the world, and whilst we aren't passionate (or experienced) sailors we have decided that the best way to do this is on a boat so we have started the trip by building our own floating home, a 40ft catamaran. We believe that it will take us about 5 years to build her (part time) and at least 10 years to sail her to the places we have set our sights on. So for the next 15 years or so we plan to journal our adventures on this website. Please feel free to browse the site from time to time for updates and to pass on your comments or questions using the contact us button to start an email automatically including the address.


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About the site

amanda holdenamanda holdenamanda holdenamanda holden The website is made up of a short bio on us and how we came to decide on this lifestyle change, the boat, the name, etc and then divided into logs whilst we build to help others interested in doing the same by following our progress (as we did on other sites when deciding if we could do this and still do to get ideas on how things are done) and then after she is finished a log of where we sail and what we encounter along the way.

We will endeavour to update on a regular basis. We hope you enjoy our site. Thanks for visiting our web journal.